Friday, September 12, 2008

Blog... Blog? What Blog?

Wow, it's so sad that I have neglected my blog. After a long time on travel and unexpectantly starting an RN program, (earlier than planned) it seems I have no free time. So, just want to give everyone the heads up. If you wonder where I am, I'm probably in class, studying, or being a mom. But, I'm not calling it quits, just taking a break from my designing right now. I'm still hoping to stay invloved with the Shutterfly Gallery. So, that's that.. now it's out there for any one wondering.
Have a great day and happy scrapping,

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seasonsmom said...

Amy, thanks so much for sharing the free shipping coupon! That was very generous of you! I received my Panama 12X12 book and love it. I got a free 8X8 and have to place the order for it by the 26th. I am hoping to get one done and use the coupon. I sure hope it works. I also have 175 free prints worth. I also hope that coupon will work on them. I love your blog and I am so glad to have met you. Blessings and I can't wait for a bit of free time to browse thru your digi links and surf thru your blogs. But time is such a commodity with 4 kids in sports and hubby working out of the country-I am sort of a single mom now. Man, it's not easy! So, I better run get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow creating a new book. I wish I had time to get some new ideas and freebies but I only have 2 days left for the free book. I guess, I'll make it simple! Blessings, Natalie